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The finest Japanese tea

its story

Step 1

Growing Dozo tea

The ancient artisanal process behind the creation of DOZO’s high quality teas begins in this unique, magical environment in the mountains of Shizuoka, at the base of Mount Fuji. Our matcha tea is grown in covered plantations, using the Tana technique, a traditional Japanese growing method. This produces a tea rich in L-theanine, the amino acid responsible for the subtle sweetness of green teas: the famous fifth flavour known as umami. Our artisanal farmers care for the soil in their tea gardens, and the health of our consumers, by using totally natural farming methods, free of any pesticides. At DOZO, we only use the finest quality tea leaves from the first harvest of the year, as these have the most delicate flavour and are particularly rich in nutrients.

Step 2

Torefeying and Grinding

As soon as the tea leaves are picked, they are transported to the processing plant, where they are steam-roasted for about 20 seconds to stop the oxidation process. They then go into the tencha-ro, a large 30 metre-long red-brick oven in which they undergo two successive drying stages on conveyor belts: ara-kanso, an initial, rapid drying at 150°C, and then hon-kanso, the main drying at 180°C. Our tea leaves have now gained the right to be described as tencha. A sorting process follows, in which only the fleshy part of the tencha leaves is kept, and the stems and buds are removed. Finally, the leaves are taken to Kyoto where they are reduced to a fine jade green powder by a delicate grinding between two carved, granite stones; this particularly sensitive process enables all the matcha’s qualities to be preserved.

Step 3

Innovation for our tea's sake

Our team of experts works day and night to ensure that the design and feel of every aspect of DOZO’s bottles match the high quality of our teas. DOZO unites Japanese artisanal teas, produced according to traditional methods more than 800 years-old, with modern technology and beautifully designed packaging.

Step 4

the Encapsulation

The precious powdered tea is then hermetically sealed in our patented stopper, where it is completely protected against light, air and moisture. Our experts have also taken the precaution of injecting nitrogen into the stopper to ensure that all traces of oxygen are eliminated, and the tea’s flavours are preserved. We do not use any preservatives at DOZO, all you will find is the purest, highest quality tea.

Step 5

DOZO tea on the road

Our stoppers are packed in very strict hygiene conditions and shipped by boat from Japan all the way to France to be incorporated into our bottles with water from a small natural spring in the Ardennes mountain range, selected for its low mineral content and neutral taste that leaves room for the tea to fully express itself.

Step 6

DOZO arriving in France

DOZO connects Asia and the West, bringing a touch of modernity and a French approach to the drinking of Japanese artisanal teas.

Step 7

… at Monoprix

DOZO is very much a 21st century drink, designed to satisfy modern lifestyles and requirements. Produced using traditional, entirely natural methods, it is ideal for consumption “on the go”. It also represents an alliance between Japan and France: uniting a product that is more than 800 years-old with French contemporary design.

Step 8


All the health benefits and flavour of Japanese teas mixed with mineral water? That is exactly what this new 100% natural, chilled drink from DOZO offers: a delightful blend of ancient Japanese tradition and modern Western tastes. An innovation available in France in a selection of Monoprix stores, and soon at your closest stores in the USA and in the UK.

Step 9

Open and shake!

DOZO, the first cool, refreshing drink with artisanal Japanese tea, that you make yourself! DOZO uses patented technology to preserve all the teas’ flavours in a capsule until you are ready to enjoy them. A “revolutionary” stopper enables a new approach to tea drinking. A matcha, a gyokuro, a genmaicha or a hojicha can be ready in an instant at any time of day. In the morning, at the office, during and after sport, or for a healthy drink on a break, DOZO enables the enjoyment of high quality artisanal teas “on the go”.

1. Twist & release the matcha
2. Shake
3. Mix
4. Open
5. Enjoy

Step 10

Treat yourself

Meticulously prepared by our tea sommeliers, this preparation explodes on the palate with all the flavours of artisanal teas. Matcha is more than a tea, it is a super food, with exceptional nutritional qualities.

Step 11

As if you were there

Step 12

The adventure has just begun!

Inspired by a deep love and respect for Japanese teas, DOZO invites you to travel to the heart of the Shizuoka mountains near Mount Fuji and explore a land of exceptional teas. Join the DOZO experience and our team of Japanese tea experts: follow us on the social networks @ #dozotea.


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